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Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) was founded in 1959 with the key objective of improving the quality of lives of individuals especially the poor, marginalized and vulnerable people in under-served areas by giving them easy access to SRH information and services as well as advocating healthcare and family planning as the basic human rights of the people. This association started at a time when the concept of family planning was considered a social taboo that was against concurrent social norms, the matters of sexual and reproductive health were frowned upon and the government was less focused towards public health care. The government sector was involved in the family planning program only after the establishment of the Maternal and Child Health Division at the Ministry of Health in 1965 and the launching of the National Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Project in 1969. Since then, FPAN has been complementing and supplementing the national program. Currently, this association is a leading national NGO in the field of sexual and reproductive health.

FPAN became an associate member of the Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in 1960 and a full-fledged member in 1969. Since then, FPAN has been supplementing the national health and population programmes by spreading the message of family planning into every nook and corner of Nepal. In the beginning, the services of FPAN were limited to distribution of condoms, pills and insertion of loops with the help of volunteers as well as educating and informing people through meetings and print media. FPAN started reaching the general people through electronic media in 1968 by running a weekly radio program regarding family planning. FPAN started more target-oriented and focused programs in the 1970s. In 1972, a Family Planning Welfare Project was implemented with the assistance of USAID in ten wards of Kathmandu valley which started provided sterilization services on request. Recruitment of fulltime workers, staffs and volunteers was started during that period by FPAN to provide its services. Similarly, the publication of magazines regarding family planning issues and other IEC materials also began in 1970s. Gradually, the programmes of FPAN were expanded from the 3 districts in the Kathmandu valley in the 1960s to 15 districts by the 1970s and 34 districts by 2009.

Following the changes in people's behaviour and sexual and reproductive health programs at national and international levels, FPAN shifted its emphasis from mere family planning to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health programs since ICPD 1994. FPAN is now a leading national NGO in the field of sexual and reproductive health and it contributes about 25-30% in national family planning programs. FPAN's current programs are focused on 5As including, adolescent, abortion, HIV/AIDS, advocacy and access. Gender is a cross cutting issue in all 5As. Annually it provides FP services to 210,000 persons, MCH education and services to 1.4 million, AYSRH information and services to 80,000, STI and HIV counseling, diagnosis and treatment services to about 100,000 and safe abortion counseling and services to more than 50,000 women.

FPAN aims to provide comprehensive sexuality education to all women and men that include information on sexual and reproductive healthcare; the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS; safe abortion; and prevention and support for the victims of gender based violence. It protects the right of youths to enjoy their sexual lives freely from ill health, unwanted pregnancy, violence and discrimination. This association empowers young people with the ability to make informed choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health through its youth programmes. Various innovative strategies have been developed by FPAN to enable easy access to a range of youth friendly services in non-judgmental environment. The association has also played a leading role in driving policy changes towards liberalization of the law on abortion. It empowers women to exercise their SRH rights to terminate unwanted pregnancies legally and safely at affordable cost, and to eliminate STIs and to eradicate HIV and AIDS. FPAN assisted in the formation of National Coalition against Gender based Violence in collaboration and partnership with Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare in 2006. Moreover, it also supports the disadvantaged and under-served population such as trafficked survivors and refugees, people under drugs, those with diverse sexuality; and people living with HIV through a country wide network of static, associated, and mobile clinics which are supplemented by community-based distributors.

FPAN’s program activities are ever expanding to meet the unmet needs of family planning, including STI/HIV/AIDS prevention, control and management. Working closely with the government, FPAN has ensured that the sexual and reproductive healthcare and rights of the Nepalese people are being met and maintains the highest standard possible. FPAN implements its program in partnership with large number of NGO, CBO and line agencies of the government. Currently FPAN, programs are supported by IPPF, PPFA, UNFPA/Nepal, Finland Government, KfW Germany, Japanese Trust Fund, Helwlett Foundation, Danida, Price Foundation, DFID Civil Society Challenge Fund, UNICEF/Nepal, Action-Aid, JOICFP, JOVC, JICA, KOIKA, Population Council, the Global Fund, Ford Foundation etc. and other anonymous donors. In the past FPAN's program were also supported by USAID, Netherlands Trust Fund, Jersey Fund, EU/UNFPA, Engender Health, AVSC International, FHI, PATH, CEDPA USA, Population Concern, World Neighbor, Disvi International, Milenda and Gates Foundation, Management Science for Health, JSI, Path Finder and other private foundations in Europe and USA.

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