FPAN envisions that every person in Nepal has the right to choose and access quality SRHR information and services, free from stigma and discrimination.


FPAN aims to:

  • Excel  as a  dynamic leader in the field of  SRHR in Nepal
  • Advocate, inform and provide SRHR services to improve the quality of life of all individuals especially for those most at risk, marginalized and under-served.
  • Attract and engage professional and technical volunteers to ensure sustainability of SRHR information and services
  • Enhance organizational capacity and results-based management to ensure organizational performance, development and accountability to stakeholders
  • Complement the government SRHR programmes and maximize collaborative efforts to address emerging national and global priority issues


Core Values

Sexual Rights: FPAN believes in safeguarding SRHR of every individual. 

Accountability: FPAN holds itself answerable to beneficiaries, donors and stakeholders for actions it takes and results there of.

Excellence: FPAN strives to achieve highest quality of sexuality education, information and services.

Voluntarism: FPAN considers the spirit of volunteerism to be central to achieving its mandate and advancing its causes.

Partnership: FPAN is committed to working in partnership with communities, government, other NGOs and donors.

Leadership: FPAN believes in playing a catalyst role in the promotion of SRHR.   

Elimination of Social Ills: FPAN is committed to equity and to eliminating the discrimination that threatens individual well-being and leads to the widespread violation of health and human rights, particularly those of young women and men and those from the socially disadvantaged communities.

Dynamism: FPAN strives and competes in changing environment in the field of SRHR.

Latest News & Events

“Achieving Universal Access to SRHRs: Leaving No One Behind” Panel discussion held on the 16th and 17th of January 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepa

On the occasion of World Population Day 2016, FPAN organized a Workshop entitled- "FP 2020: Progress and Challenges & Maternity Rights” on

 Ms. Amu Singh Sijapati, Chairperson, FPAN (center), Dr. Tirtha Rana (left) and Dr. Badri Raj Pandey, Founder Member of FPAN (right) holding han

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