Street Drama on Safe Abortion:

Artistes pose to perform a street drama to aware community people about safe abortion service

Under GCACI project FPAN Kanchanpur organized a street drama on safe abortion to aware community people about safe abortion service and legal provisions about it in Nepal.  Street drama was performed in rural settings of the district to provide information and education especially to the women whoever does not know much about safe abortion service and its legal provisions. 

Orientation to Teachers on CSE:

FPAN Kanchanpur organized an orientation class to enhance the knowledge level of school teachers on comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) so that they would be able to share about CSE among their students in detail. All total 25 school teachers were orientated from the class in Kanchanpur. 

Family Planing Association of Nepal (FPAN) - An Introduction

Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) envisages a world where every women, men and young person has right and access to sexuality and reproductive health information and services in which SRH choices are fully respected.

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